Exit, Pursued by An Actor?

PlayBlog   Exit, Pursued by An Actor?
An outdoor performance of Two Gentleman of Verona in Rhode Island was interrupted July 30 when two men walked through the crowd and stole two donation jars full of money used to fund the free summer Shakespeare performances in Wilcox Park. Colonial Theatre Shakespeare Festival director Harland Meltzer and actor Rudy Sanda, who was waiting for his entrance backstage when he heard the commotion, chased the thieves into a nearby backyard.

Sanda tackled and pinned one of the suspects down until police could arrive. “I looked at the guy under the actor and said, 'I bet this is the first time you've been tackled by someone wearing lace cuffs,'" Meltzer commented to a local paper. The other individual is currently being sought.

To read the full story visit: ProvidenceJournal.

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