Foundry Imports Etiquette for Under the Radar 2008

News   Foundry Imports Etiquette for Under the Radar 2008
The Foundry Theatre will present the U.S. premiere of Etiquette, a new work from the experimental, London-based theatre company Rotozaza.

The setting for Etiquette — which runs Jan. 9-20, 2008 — will be the well-known East Village eatery Veselka Restaurant. The non-traditional public setting is precisely what Etiquette is all about.

According to press notes, "Two people sit across from each other at a small table (the stage), put on headphones and follow a recorded script, complete with stage directions taking them through the half-hour play. As the scene is quiet and conversational, others in the public space are often unaware that anything is happening at all. The characters of a young girl and a philosopher lead the participants into several micro-situations, many of them borrowed from film and theatre, where the 'bubble' shared between two people breaks and reforms over and over."

The Foundry joins forces with Rotozaza and producer Thomas Sullivan to present Etiquette as part of the Public Theater's 2008 Under the Radar Festival. The Under the Radar Festival is devoted to promoting dynamic site-specific productions, poetry, adapted classics, movement and performance art from theatre artists worldwide.

Performances of Etiquette will take place 24 times daily — every half hour, on the half hour, between noon and midnight —as part of Under the Radar 2008.

Tickets, available only in pairs, are $20. To purchase tickets visit or phone (866) 811-4111.

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