Get Up Close With the Props of Harry Potter-Inspired Puffs

Photo Features   Get Up Close With the Props of Harry Potter-Inspired Puffs
We head backstage at New World Stages for a behind-the-scenes look at the Off-Broadway hit.
<i>Puffs</i> Props Walkthrough
Puffs Props Walkthrough Marc J. Franklin

Puffs, or Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic and Magic took us backstage at New World Stages for a closer look at the props used in the Harry Potter–inspired comedy.

In a production with over 125 props (including costumes and set pieces, that number is closer to 500), a lot of work goes into curating the look and feel of the show. While some pieces are made from scratch, others presented different kinds of challenges. Props, costume, and set designer Madeleine Bundy explains, “The workload is not necessarily in the making of that object, but just racking your brain on what it could literally be, especially when you are trying to be funny and clever and translating it from this other universe that already exists in everyone's heads.”
The show, currently enjoying an open-ended run, is a spoof of the seven Harry Potter books and the corresponding eight films—but this time through the perspective of the always overlooked Hufflepuffs—or Puffs, as they’re referred to here.

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To create a cohesive, overall look for the production, bringing together the set, costumes, and props, everything has a homemade feel to it, which, Bundy says, “all come from this idea that if the Braves are getting this perfect, whimsical, CGI, polished, all-the-access-to-all-the-resources kind of design, then what is that group who is in the background (in the basement), that no one is really paying attention to getting? For me that means things that we have easy access to in our apartments, generic supplies from hardware stores, and materials that are usually seen as functional or typically unattractive—unfinished.”
Flip through the gallery below to see the props up close, how they are stored backstage, and how they were created for the show:

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