Glenn Beck Gives Spider-Man a Rave Review (Video)

PlayBlog   Glenn Beck Gives Spider-Man a Rave Review (Video)
With so much of the media buzzing about Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark, conservative radio and TV host Glenn Beck has thrown his hat into the ring. After attending a recent performance, the often-controversial figure gave the new musical a rave review on the Jan. 12 installment of his radio show.

"This is the best show I’ve ever seen, bar none. Heads and shoulders above anything else," Beck exclaimed. “They were doing stuff that I’ve never seen before. It starts in the first three minutes like Cirque du Soleil and like you see at Disney. And then it just goes up from there. The acting, the acrobatics, the physicality of this is... it’s athletics. It’s unbelievable."

"This is better than Wicked!" Beck continued. "I’m telling you, you go buy your ticket — you buy your ticket now, if you’re thinking about coming to New York, because when this thing opens and it’s starting to run, you will not be able to get tickets to this for a year. This is one of those shows, this is the Phantom of the 21st century. This is history of Broadway being made. I sat next to the casting director, by chance, and I said, 'You, sir, are part of history!'"

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