Glynebourne Opera's Plan to Erect Wind Turbine Upsets Neighbors

Classic Arts News   Glynebourne Opera's Plan to Erect Wind Turbine Upsets Neighbors
Glyndebourne Opera officials may have thought their plan to erect a wind turbine would please green-type groups, but they have instead met with stiff resistance from environmentalists who believe that the turbine would be an eyesore on the attractive South Downs area in southern England.

British media report that the 230 foot, 850 kilowatt wind turbine, which Glyndebourne says would reduce its carbon emissions by 71%, would be situated on Mill Plain, between Ringmer and Glyndebourne in East Sussex, a designated "Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty."

The four groups opposing the turbine are the South Downs Society, the Council for National Parks, the Campaign to Protect Rural England and the Ramblers Association.

Tony Parker, of the South Downs Society, said, "This represents a massive detriment to the South Downs without any perceivable impact on the carbon footprint," according to the BBC.

Meanwhile, Glyndebourne chairman Gus Christie said, "In this day and age the careful siting of these turbines is vital to show we are doing our bit to combat climate change. With the terrible consequences of global warming, it is crazy to be obstructing one single turbine in one's field of vision."

The main objection to the turbine is that it would ruin views of the landscape, but Christie was quoted by the Times of London as saying that the Ô£750,000 turbine had strong local support. "We did a poll last year and found nearly 80% of residents were in favor. A subsequent one showed them to be two-to-one in favor. But the ones against it are very forcefully against it."

He added that the turbine would be very visible up to 2½ kilometers away, "but beyond that it will barely be noticeable."

A local council will consider the planning application in July.

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