GOOFIEST PHOTO OF 1999: Affections of May At NC's Temple Theatre

News   GOOFIEST PHOTO OF 1999: Affections of May At NC's Temple Theatre
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Photo by Photo by Gordon Palmer

No contest, the strangest image to cross our desks this year. And it's not just because it's a big man in a rabbit costume (though that might be enough). It's also an apparently lecherous giant rabbit, fueled by liquor (if the bottle of wine is any indication) and wearing a phallic, stuffed carrot pendant around his neck. Plus, the hare is assaulting no other that Little Bo Peep. The Temple Theatre of Sanford, North Carolina produced the play in question, Norm Foster's Affections of May, Oct. 15-31. Perhaps the plot summary sheds a little light on the photo: "The Affections of May welcomes you to the Country Bed and Breakfast of May and Brian Henning -- two city folks who give up good jobs for a peaceful, small town life. Unfortunately, Brian discovers the `country thing' is not for him. He leaves May to return to the big city. Left to fend for herself, May is suddenly the closest thing to a single woman in Grogan's Cove. In this modern day, romantic comedy, three men make fools of themselves as they vie for May's affection and play a hilarious game of Scrabble to win!".

Nope, nothing about lascivious, drunken monster bunnies in there. A North Carolina business call "The Family Doc" sponsored this production. What's up, Doc?

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