Gotham Chamber Opera, Tectonic Theater Project and Mabou Mines on New Victory Season Bill

News   Gotham Chamber Opera, Tectonic Theater Project and Mabou Mines on New Victory Season Bill
The world premiere of Puss in Boots, (El gato con botas), staged by Tony Award nominee Moisés Kaufman, will open the 2010-2011 season of children's theatrical programming at the New Victory Theater.

The New Victory season, which offers an assortment of programming for children and families, will run Oct. 2, 2010-May 2, 2011.

The season follows:

Puss in Boots, (El gato con botas)
Gotham Chamber Opera and Tectonic Theater Project in association with Blind Summit Theatre
Oct. 1-10
"A charismatic cat with cunning wit and irresistible Latin charm promises a poor miller everlasting love and fortune. All he needs to pull off his ruse are a hat, a cape, and a purr-fect pair of boots! Directed by Moisés Kaufman (33 Variations, The Laramie Project), and conducted by Neal Goren (Il mondo della luna), this all new production transforms a favorite fairy tale into a humorous rags-to-riches operatic adventure." Blind Summit will create puppetry.

Imago Theatre
Oct. 15-24
"From the creators of the sold-out New Vic hit, Frogz, ZooZoo combines acrobatics, costume genius and fantastical imagery in a series of whimsical vignettes. Through innovative use of light, music, clay, cloth, and paper maché, Imago Theatre seemingly bends the laws of nature to create miraculous creatures and fantasies."

Nevermore: The Imaginary Life and Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe
Catalyst Theatre
Oct. 29-Nov. 7
"'All that we see is but a dream within a dream.' So begins this dark dreamscape about literary sensation and master of the macabre, Edgar Allan Poe. The beautiful and blackly comic Nevermore uses haunting music, poetic storytelling and surreal imagery to explore the events that shaped Poe’s career and ignited his lifelong battle with 'visions dark and sinister.'" Egg and Spoon
Studio 3A/B at the New 42nd Street Studios
Lyngo Theatre Company
Nov. 2-21
"In Egg and Spoon, young children join Percy and April in their comfy, cozy circle to celebrate the delights of nature in a soft and squishy interactive adventure. Peek-a-boo puddles, fluffy snowflakes and other splendiferous surprises bring the seasons to life as gently chirping birds and drippy-droppy rain sounds add to the ambiance. With expertise in creating theater for very young children, Lyngo was founded on the principles of 'object theatre' where feathers become flying birds, napkins become princesses, and a few small leaves become a windswept autumn day."

Squirm Burpee Circus: A Vaudevillian Melodrama
The Handsome Little Devils
Nov. 13-28
"Squirm Burpee Circus is a neo-vaudevillian pastiche of first-class circus skills, dance and comedy. Mike the Handsome, Dashing Dave and the Lovely Little Lolo make up the beloved circus trio who must outwit the dastardly Baron Vegan Von Hamburger - a mustachioed villain committed to their demise. Will Dave ever find his true love? Will Lolo unlock Mike’s heart? Or will the Baron destroy them all with his ingeniously mad gadgets and gizmos? Tune in this November for what promises to be a sensational display of zany fun."

Mayumana Dec. 4, 2010-Jan. 2, 2011
"Boasting a cast of 10 outstanding young talents from as many countries, Momentum is a fusion of amazing physical prowess and infectious rhythms and beats. No two Momentum shows are alike, and hundreds of thousands around the world have experienced the excitement of this unique and thrilling theatrical event."

Nearly Lear
Jan. 7-16, 2011
"What if the great story of King Lear was told by his closest companion? In this one-woman tour de force, actress Susanna Hamnett plays the Fool—and every other character—to tell a very personal and poignant story illuminated by the masterful play by William Shakespeare. Susanna braves the most savage storm in English literature, honoring the beautiful language of Lear while taking a bit of poetic license."

Circus INcognitus
Feb. 11-27, 2011
"One man circus extraordinaire, Jamie Adkins, stars in this delightful story of a man who has something to say, but can’t quite get it out. While teetering on towering ladders, somersaulting on slack wire and timing perfect pratfalls, Jamie finds some unusual and hilarious solutions for a never-ending string of obstacles. Distinguished by a breezy, Chaplinesque likeability, Jamie tests his limits and musters the courage to keep going when everything goes wrong."

By David Almond
The Birmingham Stage Company
March 4-13, 2011
"In Skellig, Michael, a good-natured 10-year old with more on his plate than the average boy, discovers a grouchy yet strangely mystical vagabond with a taste for brown ale and Chinese take-out hiding in his family’s garage. What unfolds is a wonderful tale that examines the nature of family, friendship and the bewildering connections between all things."

Theatre-Rites and Arthur Pita
March 18-27, 2011
"This award-winning production marks the first commission for family audiences by London’s famed Sadler’s Wells. In Mischief, director Sue Buckmaster, choreographer Arthur Pita and visual artist Sophia Clist join forces to create a kaleidoscopic playland where discovery and fun reign supreme."

Boom Town
Cirque Mechanics
April 8-24, 2011
"Boom Town is the story of a frontier whistle-stop on the brink of an unlikely discovery that sets off a cavalcade of wild and zany events. Created and directed by Chris Lashua Boom Town exhibits Cirque Mechanics’ signature theatricality and ingenuity in a showcase of colorful characters, outlandish contraptions and astounding acrobatics."

Potato Needs a Bath
Studio 3A/B at the New 42nd Street Studios Shona Reppe Puppets
April 8-24, 2011
"Wee ones should be sure not to miss this delightful birthday bash where Eggplant shows off her glamorous new jewels, the Pears flirt and flit about, and Plum needs a potty break. But where is Potato? No one can dance the Mango Tango without Potato! Before he can celebrate with his produce pals, the muddy little spud needs a bath. Superstar storyteller and puppet master Shona Reppe gets giggles and grins galore in this light-hearted, gentle and highly visual show."

The Tragical Life of Cheeseboy
Slingsby Theatre Company
April 29-May 8, 2011
"'Are you prepared to be dazzled?' asks a Dickensian storyteller at the start of The Tragical Life of Cheeseboy. When Cheeseboy's home planet melts into a bubbling, gooey fondue, the sweet little lad is suddenly without a family or a place to call home. But with help from some unlikely friends, Cheeseboy embarks on a peculiar and remarkable intergalactic journey that inspires awe, hope and a love of all things lunar."

Peter and Wendy
Mabou Mines
May 6-22, 2011
"World-renowned experimental theater company, Mabou Mines, returns to the New Vic for a record third time to thrill a whole new generation of New Vic theatergoers with their ingenious adaptation of J.M. Barrie's celebrated story about the exuberant and fleeting nature of childhood. Karen Kandel recreates her Obie Award-winning role of The Narrator, embodying Wending and giving voice to every character. Peter Pan, the Lost Boys and a 'very classy' Hook are brought to life using bunraku-style puppets and scraps of cloth and paper. Original Celtic music beautifully supports Barrie’s lyrical language as the play sweeps us beyond the page and past the nursery deep into our imaginations, as the best books do."

Season tickets for new members begin July 7 online. Individual tickets begin sale Aug. 11. For tickets call (646) 223-3010. The New Victory is located at 209 West 42nd Street, between Broadway and 8th Avenues.


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