Gothenburg Ballet Performance Derailed by Stink Bomb

Classic Arts News   Gothenburg Ballet Performance Derailed by Stink Bomb
The Gothenburg Ballet was derailed by more than the usual sprained ankle last week, when unruly members of a teenage audience threw stinkbombs into the orchestra pit, reports UPI.

The September 27 performance of Stravinskij+ (a new ballet created for the Gothenburg Ballet by Nicolo Fonte) for 850 teenage students at a Gothenburg school was cancelled twenty minutes after it began. Opera spokeswoman Christina Bjerkander told the Sweden's English language paper, The Local, that students "threw small glass capsules containing a foul-smelling liquid. Fortunately it didn't hit anyone directly, but we still had to stop the whole performance."

She added, "Pupils normally enjoy coming here. They're never the quietest audience, but they're usually well-behaved and it's no problem. In fact, the dancers like the fact that the young audiences clap and whistle — but this has crossed a line."

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