Guthrie's Caretaker, with Epp, Cartmell and Nelson, Begins Performances Oct. 11

News   Guthrie's Caretaker, with Epp, Cartmell and Nelson, Begins Performances Oct. 11
The Guthrie's production of Harold Pinter's The Caretaker begins previews Oct. 11 in the Dowling Studio.
Director Benjamin McGovern
Director Benjamin McGovern

Directed by Benjamin McGovern, the classic Pinter play will officially open Oct. 15. Performances will continue through Nov. 2. The cast features Steven Epp (Davies), Stephen Cartmell (Mick) and Kris L. Nelson (Aston). In The Caretaker, press notes state, "confusion and tension grow in a run-down, cluttered London flat shared by two brothers, Aston and Mick, when one of them brings home a talkative, homeless, scruffy older man named Davies. The intruder, who vaguely seems to be an old acquaintance, starts attempting to define his place in the household beyond the temporary arrangement as first mutually agreed upon. Soon he takes the caretaker's job during the renovation of the flat, leaving the brothers' everyday existence bound to uneasy dramatic turns.

"While neurotic signs become apparent in the conduct of Aston and Mick, Davies too displays an ambiguous and rather disturbing attitude, while seeking to gain each sibling's trust and, with more or less veiled threats, setting off one brother against the other. Not surprisingly, the clashes he fosters serve his own undiscovered purpose, as the precarious balance of the trio’s daily routine is upset."

The creative team also includes Anna Lawrence (set designer), Christine A. Richardson (costume designer), Tom Mays (lighting designer), Michael Lupu (dramaturgy), Mira Kehoe (dialect coach), Elizabeth R. MacNally (stage manager) and Meaghan Rosenberger (assistant stage manager).

The Guthrie is located at 818 South 2nd Street (at Chicago Avenue), in downtown Minneapolis. Tickets, priced $18-$30, are available by calling (612) 377-2224 or (877) 44-STAGE or by visiting

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