Hamilton Updates Cancellation Line Policy

News   Hamilton Updates Cancellation Line Policy
It's the five cancellation commandments.
Hamilton Rules HR

The Broadway musical Hamilton has updated its cancellation line policies.

Yes, some people cancel at the last minute each night, and their tickets are made available to people waiting on line hoping to get one at the last minute.

Though numbering only five, the new rules were posted on Twitter in the style of the Ten Commandments, which echo the show's Ten Duel Commandments.

The new rules also offer a glimpse of what life is like in front of the Richard Rodgers Theatre each night as fans jostle for tickets and sometimes engage surrogates to wait on their behalf.

The rules are as follows:

1. Patron may not swap out or hold places on the line.

2. No tents. No chairs.

3. Each person may purchase up to two tickets.

4. Regular-price cancellation tickets will be sold in line order beginning approximately 30 minutes before the performance.

5. Once a patron enters the box office to purchase tickets, he or she must proceed directly into the theatre. Only those purchasing the tickets and attending that performance will be allowed into the box office.

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