Hamilton’s Jon Rua at Work On New Dance Film and Visual Album

News   Hamilton’s Jon Rua at Work On New Dance Film and Visual Album
The Hamilton actor aims to complete his LoveFound film that will lead to a bigger project, a visual album exploring the human condition.
Jon Rua
Jon Rua Susan Stripling

Choreographer and actor Jon Rua, who has been seen in Broadway’s Hamilton, Hands on a Hardbody, and In the Heights, is at work on LoveFound, a dance film that celebrates the evolution of New York dance and elevate its opportunities.

Jon Rua
Jon Rua Susan Stripling

Rua has launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring the film to life and complete the piece, the launching point of a larger project he aims to create—a visual album entitled TheGrit that will be developed throughout 2017 alongside up-and-coming artists, composers, writers, and musicians. Those who donate to the campaign can audit Rua’s rehearsals and receive Skype sessions, among other offers.

LoveFound, which he aims to release in January 2017, is described as “a mind’s journey to love” that charts “what the mind goes through when a love is unfulfilled.” The film will celebrate hip-hop and funk dance and provide a platform for New York dance artists to share their work outside of the live setting.

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Rua says he hopes to raise awareness and encourage the creation of new dance film content with LoveFound. He adds, “Its effects will continue the powerful influence and transformation that Hamilton has already accomplished in waves.

“I am committed to the creative transformation and influence of theatre, whether it be as an actor/performer or as a creator/choreographer. And to honor the form and all its amazing discoveries and legacies.”

As for TheGrit visual album, Rua will aim to create narratives, experiences, and thread characters that speak to the human being and explore the human condition.

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