'Hello, People; Final Show, People': Lyrics to Rosie O'Donnell's Farewell Opening Number

News   'Hello, People; Final Show, People': Lyrics to Rosie O'Donnell's Farewell Opening Number
The final live broadcast of "The Rosie O'Donnell Show" aired in the metropolitan area at 10 AM on ABC-TV.

The final live broadcast of "The Rosie O'Donnell Show" aired in the metropolitan area at 10 AM on ABC-TV.

The hour-long farewell from Broadway maven O'Donnell began with a production number featuring cast members from a slew of Broadway shows. New lyrics were written to the tunes of several theatre songs, and the talk show provided Playbill On-Line with a copy of these words, which follow:

And now it's time to say
I hadda come to Broadway.
It's where they lift your
spirits high,
I love it so
Final curtain
Last chance, to do a song
and dance
So I came to see my friends
along Broadway.

Thoroughly Modern Millie: (to the tune of "Thoroughly Modern Millie")
Millie (Sutton Foster):
Everyone today is cheering for Rosie
Millie Plus Two Girls:
Can't believe she's leaving us.
Everyone adores that special gal so
Millie Plus Four Girls:
Losin' her is grieving us
Goodbye, dear Rosie gal
We'll miss you and how
Millie and group:
We're glad we got to say
We love you before your final bow.

Beauty and the Beast: (to the tune of "Be Our Guest")
We are stressed,
We're depressed
Cause with Rosie we're obsessed
Belle and Beast: With six seasons of great shows
we've all been blessed
May we say, last not leastly
Losing you is beastly
Belle and Beast:
We suggest
get some rest
you're the best. Chicago (to the tune of "Roxie")
The queen of daytime TV will always be
Velma Plus Two:
That you are going is a crime
And we think it would be a blast
If you would come and join our cast
Rosie, Rosie O

The Producers (to the tune of "We Can Do It")
Max (Brad Oscar):
Please don't go, Ro
Keep the show, Ro
We don't want you to amscray
We're heart broken
Say you're jokin'
And you won't call it a day.
We've heard you sing.
Try producing.
You're the broad of old Broadway!

42nd Street (to the tune of "42nd Street")
Ro, our chum
We're really bummed
Please don't say goodbye
We're all gonna cry
Our lassie, Rosie O

The Phantom of the Opera (to the tune of "The Phantom of the Opera")
Phantom: (Phantom standby James Romick):
Six seasons you have been
my favorite host.
And so I offer you
this haunting toast.
I hope that time to you will appear.
Don't be a ghost.

(In-studio production number to the tune of "Hello, Dolly")

Rosie: (to the tune of "Hello, Dolly!")
Hello, people
Final show, people
Can't believe that it is time
for my farewell.

We've come along, Rosie
With a song, Rosie
Though we wish you wouldn't go, we really wish you well!
Don't dance away, Rosie,
Oh please stay, Rosie
'Cause these last six years
Have gone by in a whoosh, so

Sayin' bye is tough, people
Come help me pack my stuff, people

Hard to believe that you're
flinging your last koosh!

Vanessa Williams:
My friend, Rosie
It's the end, Rosie
Your big finish has us all
Singing the blues

John Lithgow:
We'll miss the laughs, Rosie
And the crafts, Rosie
and the way you pine and whine
about your Tommy Cruise!

The games you play, Rosie
Those giveaways, Rosie
All the interviews with star of stage and screen,

Broadway is the best you know
Thanks for being on my show
Knowing you folks has really been a dream

You've been a pal, Rosie
What a gal, Rosie
You've supported every single Broadway show
Here's a lifetime pass, Rosie
for your Broadway-lovin' ass, Rosie
See all the musicals and the plays

Now I'll be free for matinees!

It's time to kick-off your final show today!

"The Rosie O'Donnell" show will continue airing previously taped but unaired episodes through June 27.

—By Andrew Gans

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