Hey There, "Georgy" Friends

PlayBlog   Hey There, "Georgy" Friends
You can bet Jim Dale was one of the first in line for Nightingale, Lynn Redgrave's one-woman my-granny-and-me show at Manhattan Theatre Club's City Center Stage I. "I loved every minute of it," he cheered, "a very specialized evening."

They were Oscar-losers together — she as Best Actress for "Georgy Girl," he as lyricist for the title song ("Hey there, Georgy Girl...") — "and we've been friends ever since." They frequently cross paths walking their dogs in Central Park.

"I met Lynn at the Academy Awards in 1967," he recalled recently. "Funny thing about that evening — I still remember it — we had just lost, and Bob Hope, who was hosting the show, said, 'The winners will now go on to the Hilton to celebrate, and the losers will follow me up the down ramp of the Los Angeles Freeway.' That's just the way you feel when you lose an Academy Award. Once your name's not mentioned, you feel like saying, 'Can we stop? Can we pick it up from where we were coming down the aisle? Let's do Take Two. It'll be different this time.'"

— Harry Haun

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