How Do You Decorate Your Dressing Room? Family Photos, Mini Bars, Humidifiers and Pets for These 18 Stars!

News   How Do You Decorate Your Dressing Room? Family Photos, Mini Bars, Humidifiers and Pets for These 18 Stars!
When they're not thrilling audiences onstage, actors retreat to their private sanctuaries hidden within the theatres. caught up with some stars of the season to ask what they bring from home, how they decorate and what they eat (and drink!) backstage and behind the scenes.


Michael Arden (The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Big River)
I bring a steamer. Some music. Water bottles and a lot of gummi bears.

Arden gets ready for a day at <i>Hunchback</i>
Arden gets ready for a day at Hunchback

Brooks Ashmanskas (Something Rotten!, Bullets Over Broadway)

Sierra Boggess (It Shoulda Been You, The Little Mermaid)
I do different things for each dressing room depending on the character. I'm very visual, and I like to make vision boards for each character. I also will always bring little positive cards, little quotes that have one word on them, and I always bring one of them. As we do this eight times a week, it's like, "What do I need to think about today onstage that's different, whether it's strength or truth or whatever it is?" Just have a word to start me off before I leave my dressing room and go on that stage. When I played Christine in Love Never Dies in London, I had a bunch of gorgeous women on it. One was Nicole Kidman specifically in "Moulin Rouge!" Barbra Streisand always. Katharine Hepburn. I just put a lot of strong beautiful women who inspire me and also help me go along with the character in some way.

Boggess inside her <i>Master Class</i> dressing room
Boggess inside her Master Class dressing room

Christian Borle (Something Rotten!, Peter and the Starcatcher)
"Star Wars" movie prints. From the first three, come on!  Peter Bartlett (Something Rotten!, Cinderella)
A humidifier. The little tiny Aeroswiss. It's just amazing. You put a bottle of water on top of it. It's great. And it gives off steam just like a big old thing. I discovered it during Cinderella.

Heidi Blickenstaff ([title of show], Something Rotten!)
My grandmother — she's not with us anymore — but she always gave me lots of interesting little tchotchkes, and I always pick one that short of somehow show related and I'll bring one to have her with me. Whenever I get nervous, she always calms me down. I touch the tchotchke, go out on stage and I know my grandmother's with me.

John Cariani (Something Rotten!, Fiddler on the Roof)
I like to have a play to write, so I usually write in my dressing room. It's like a little office. It's fun because it's right in the heart of it all.

Cariani in his dressing room
Cariani in his dressing room

Carolee Carmello (Parade, Finding Neverland)
I have a lot of stuff that I always bring to my dressing room. Basically, my first apartment in New York was filled with all this pink, girly stuff that I then put away when I became a grown-up, and I take it out of my attic and stick it in my dressing room. I've got these fluffy curtains and drapes underneath my dressing table.

Tyne Daly (It Shoulda Been You, Mothers and Sons)
I don't tend to have personal stuff there. It's my office. I have my kit and my layout. I tend to get a little serious — even if it's comedy — in my getting ready.

Kelsey Grammer (Finding Neverland, La Cage aux Folles)
I usually go buy from those little art guys that sit on the street around New York. I usually buy a few things from them that I think speak to the character I'm playing. For La Cage Aux Folles I got a whole bunch of pictures of Gay Street and a couple of other things about that community. My dressing room was painted bright pink and had a lot of metrosexual art around.

Edward Hibbert (Cinderella, It Shoulda Been You)
My father was an actor, and there was a wonderful photograph of him at his dressing room table, taken when he came to New York to do the show he was doing when I was born. I feel I'm carrying on the tradition having a picture of him in my dressing room. It was a show called The Boy Friend starring this unknown girl named Julie Andrews.

Hibbert and Chip Zien in their dressing room
Hibbert and Chip Zien in their dressing room

Brian d'Arcy James (Something Rotten, Shrek the Musical)
I usually take a picture of my uncle Brian, who was a big inspiration to me. There's always a part of him that's with me. And in this show, because it's about Shakespeare, I have something that my father gave to me which was really special, which was basically a framed type-written version of Cornelius' advice to Hamlet... So that's going to be my touchstone for this.

Marc Kudisch (Hand to God, Throughly Modern Millie)
I've got a very nice couch, so I can lie down. I've got a bar because, yes, a good drink after the show is not a bad thing. I've got a little flatscreen TV. Netflix is important between shows. I'm catching up on "House of Cards.” I'm lucky that I'm on it but I'm still a fan of it. And "Daredevil” is next.

Matthew Morrison (Finding Neverland, South Pacific)
For this show, I'm actually doing the theme of the early 1900's. I'm really trying to live J.M. Barrie. My wife is an interior designer, so she's doing it all. We've started looking on Etsy and Amazon and finding these old pieces from the turn of the century. It's been really fun finding these old artifacts, and I'm painting my walls a purple and deep blue. Patrick Page (The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Casa Valentina)
First of all is my dog. A Maltese. For 15 years I had another maltese named Sophie. She was in every show with me. Now I have my new little girl who's almost a year and a half old now.

Sarah Stiles (Hand to God, Avenue Q)
I love my dressing room. They are decked out. They are so much fun. Everyone's is totally their personality. I have a ton of stuff in there. I always have to have my yoga mat. For this character in particular I have to do yoga and meditate before the show, because she's so earthbound, and I tend to be someone who's a little bit more in the clouds and high strung. I have to have those sorts of tools. I have a hammock swing in my room. It's this amazing woven swing thing they put up, and I've got my ukulele that I practice. I just started learning [ukulele]. I play it every time I leave the stage for the swing scene and a big chunk before I come back on stage… there are three big long scenes, and I always go upstairs, change to my second outfit, sit in the swing and play the ukulele. It's so Jessica. I'm a little method up there.

Julie White (Airline Highway, The Little Dog Laughed)
The main thing is sometimes I bring Lulu, my Pomeranian. We made her a little New Orleans Saints Jersey and decorated it. I carried her through the press line for opening night. Lulu comes sometimes. She's so old and arthritic she can't walk on a slick floor, so we have rugs down. 

Chip Zien (It Shoulda Been You, Into the Woods)
As I've gotten older, I've brought less and less to my dressing room, so when the whole thing ends it's not so sad to have to take so many things home. I bring one picture of my family. I learned that from Phil Bosco, one of our great New York actors, who brought nothing except his vitamins.

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