How Do You Recreate the Iconic Fashion From Friends For a Parody Musical?

Photo Features   How Do You Recreate the Iconic Fashion From Friends For a Parody Musical?
Costume designer David Rigler shows us how he helped bring the beloved Friends characters to life on the Off-Broadway stage.

How do you go about recreating the fashion choices of the iconic characters from the hit sitcom Friends for a musical parody on the stage? David Rigler, the costume designer for Friends! The Musical Parody Off-Broadway, walks us through his process.

“Considering I was personally a huge fan of Friends, getting to design the costumes for this parody version was extremely exciting, and a little horrifying,” says Rigler. “These characters are such icons, and if you don’t nail their the styles, then you’ve lost.”

“A lot of thought has to go into recreating something that is so ingrained in peoples’ memories, especially with such a vast amount of material to work from—because the show aired for 10 seasons, there is an abundance of research to pull from” says Rigler.

“The collaboration with the creative team was key, but even more so was the contributions the cast made to the costumes. Our cast brought these characters to the stage in a brilliant way and once I honed in on their versions of these characters, the process of designing the costumes became much less daunting.”

Flip through the sketches and photos below to see how the costumes came to life:

Friends! The Musical Parody is the new satirical musical from the creators of Bayside! The Saved by the Bell Musical and 90210! The Musical, and is currently playing St. Luke’s Theatre.

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