This Technician Remembers the Lazarus Performance After David Bowie Died

Outside the Theatre   This Technician Remembers the Lazarus Performance After David Bowie Died
Michael Lenox, who worked on Lazarus, recalls his encounter with the star and how the cast reacted to his unexpected death while stopped outside the theatre.
Michael Lenox
Michael Lenox Monica Simoes
Michael Lenox
Michael Lenox Monica Simoes

Who: Michael Lenox
Stopped: Outside the Signature Theatre on 42nd Street

What brings you to the Signature Theatre today?
I work here. I’m an A2 (Production Audio Technician); I’m doing wireless audio for the show Signature Plays right now.

How did you get to be an A2?
I went to college for it. Full Sail University came to my high school where I was doing theatre, and they said, “Hey come down and do audio!” So I said, “All right. Sweet!” From there I got a job working for Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Baily Circus, and I spent three years with them. I took a year off in my home state of Maine; then through a series of connections, I ended up in New York and started working at New York Theatre Workshop on the show Lazarus.

Did you get to meet David Bowie while you were working on Lazarus?
I did walk by David Bowie! During previews I was in the sidelines and saw an old man walking around. I said, “excuse me” then turned around and realized it was David Bowie and lost my mind. Cutest thing; like a grandpa wearing skinny jeans. That was cool.

On a more serious note; he passed away as Lazarus was running. None of us on the crew knew that he had cancer so it happened all of a sudden. [He passed away] on a Monday and on the Tuesday we came to the theatre, really quiet and really somber. At the end of the show, everyone was offstage, huddled into the wings listening to Michael C. Hall’s monologue. It felt almost like a eulogy; we were all thinking of David Bowie. We were all coming together and feeling like we were a part of history. It was a heavy moment. It was spiritual.

Your hat says “Brooklyn” so I’m assuming you live there?
I do!

Finish this sentence for me: I moved to Brooklyn with…
My girlfriend.

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