How to Avoid BroadwayCon Withdrawal

News   How to Avoid BroadwayCon Withdrawal
When it’s time to say goodbye...
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After such a fun-filled weekend surrounded by fellow Broadway fans, going back to the real world can be tough. We've assembled a few simple ways to beat the inevitable post-Con depression:

Wear your new merch and swag with pride
"What a cool shirt! What's that mean? Where did you get it?" And there you have the perfect segue into telling someone about the amazing weekend you just experienced.

Share your photos
We know you have a million snapshots on your phone, and a pic is worth a thousand words. Nothing fights the post-con blues like dipping into a photo stream or shared albums from your best Con friends. Replay that Snapchat that was just too perfect and #tbt the pictures of a weekend you'll never forget.

Write it down!
Is your mind reeling with a thousand different thoughts, memories and emotions? Hit up your social media of choice (Tumblr, Facebook, blog, etc.) or even a classic journal and detail all your feelings. Then you can share your life-changing experience with the world in one easy click.

Make a Con playlist
Music is tied deeply to memories, and no one knows that as well as those of us here at BroadwayCon. You'll find that your Con experience is defined by special songs that keep coming up – the ones that move you during a performance, that keep coming up on shuffle while you walk through the hotel, or that you belt at the top of your lungs with new friends during the weekend. Keep a playlist to go back any time — if you close your eyes, we're all back there together.

Or try Playbill's Con playlist from Spotify

Keep in touch
Whether you're going to BroadwayCon with friends, family or your own undying love for the stage, chances are you'll make new friends over the weekend, and no one understands how you feel after a Con better than the people you were there with. Trust us, Con friends are the best friends. Con friends are family.

Follow BroadwayCon, Mischief Management and Playbill on social media
Believe us, no one knows post-Con feels like we do, so expect all the nostalgia, pics, videos and general emotion.

Start planning for next year
It's never too soon, and details will be available before you know it! Keep an eye on for more...

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