I Ought to Be in Politics

PlayBlog   I Ought to Be in Politics
The intersection of theatre and politics dates back to the Greeks, and though politically-charged playwright David Mamet is headed back to Broadway this fall, it’s a fellow contemporary who is making the political announcements.

At an event held outside the Nederlander Theatre, home to the Broadway revival of The Neil Simon Plays: Brighton Beach Memoirs & Broadway Bound, Tony and Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Neil Simon announced his endorsement of New York City Major Michael Bloomberg, who is currently seeking an unprecedented third term in office.

Simon, a lifelong New Yorker, delivered the following statement on Sept. 13: "I don’t think there's ever been a greater Mayor than Michael Bloomberg. That’s not a plug — that's an observation. The Mayor has made this a better city for my family and everyone's family... He keeps this city going better than anyone has ever done before, and I watch him do it. Thank goodness for Mayor Bloomberg."

Bloomberg, who was also in attendance, added, "Broadway is such a big part of what makes New York the greatest City in the world, and Neil Simon is such a big part of what makes Broadway the greatest stage in the world. Neil is a lifelong New Yorker who loves this City, and he cares about its future. Like so many New Yorkers, he had the drive to work hard and the guts to follow his dreams."

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