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Diana DeGarmo, the big-voiced Alabama native who was the runner-up during the third season of "American Idol," recently returned to the New York stage in the acclaimed Off-Broadway musical The Toxic Avenger.

During an upcoming interview for "Diva Talk," DeGarmo commented on the recent news that Paula Abdul will not return as a judge for the forthcoming season of the Fox singing competition.

"In my honest opinion, it's not going to be the same," DeGarmo told Playbill.com. "It just won't. [Paula has] been there since day one, and she is that sweet spot of the judges. . . The rest of them, they may be nice in some form or fashion, but she truly is there to be your cheerleader and to help coach you along. It's going to be interesting, because people know she has some funny antics on the show — that's part of what draws people to the show nowadays. People want to see what's going to happen with Paula tonight!

"And she's one of the nicest people," DeGarmo continues. "I mean, I did the show how many years ago now? And I went back this past season, and she saw me and came running toward me, and gave me a big hug and was like, 'Oh my gosh, you look beautiful, and I love your hair!' She was just so sweet, and none of the other judges did that. And I appreciate that as a former contestant, because a lot of people get lost in the shuffle after their seasons are over. So that's my opinion. It's just not going to be the same."

A full interview with DeGarmo will premiere on Playbill.com Aug. 28.

Update: the full Diva Talk interview has been posted.

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