In Munich, Bachler Enters, But Albrecht Doesn't Quite Exit

Classic Arts News   In Munich, Bachler Enters, But Albrecht Doesn't Quite Exit
Christoph Albrecht, who had been designated as the next head of the Bavarian State Opera until earlier this year, says the position still belongs to him, the Agence France-Presse reports.

The Bavarian State Opera announced in 2003 that Albrecht, the longtime head of Dresden's Semperoper, would succeed Peter Jonas as Intendant, or general manager, in 2006. In March, however, the company announced that the relationship had been ended, reportedly because of differing visions. At the time, a spokesperson said that Albrecht and the Bavarian government were negotiating the terms of "the dissolution of Prof. Albrecht's contract."

This week, the company announced that Klaus Bachler, head of the Vienna Burgtheater, had been named to the post. Shortly afterward, however, Albrecht said that the terms of his separation from the company had never been finalized, and that he was prepared to take over the position.

The move may be an attempt by Albrecht to increase his severence pay, German sources told the news agency.

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