Jane Edith Wilson and Grace Lee Receive 2013 Collaboration Awards From Women in the Arts & Media Coalition

News   Jane Edith Wilson and Grace Lee Receive 2013 Collaboration Awards From Women in the Arts & Media Coalition
Jane Edith Wilson and Grace Lee will be honored by The Women in the Arts & Media Coalition with the 2013 Collaboration Award for their political mockumentary film "Janeane from Des Moines."

This marks the first time the Collaboration Award has been given to a film and filmmaking team.

The Collaboration Awards, which recognize women who successfully collaborate across disciplines to create new and influential work, will be presented Oct. 24 at the Baruch Performing Arts Center's Engelman Auditorium. Madeleine Smithberg, Emmy and Peabody Award-winning co-creator and original executive producer of "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," will keynote the event. 

The Honored Finalist Award will be given to Silent Witnesses, a play by Stephanie Satie that was directed by Anita Khanzadian. The Honorable Mention Award will be given to The Island of No Tomorrows, a play with music by Fengar Gael, directed by Lorca Peress.

"All three of these collaborations are groundbreaking triumphs of both content and form," Shellen Lubin, co-president of Women in the Arts & Media Coalition, said in a statement. "For the Coalition, collaboration is particularly important to acknowledge for two reasons: 1) as women are breaking down barriers in all these different disciplines, they have too often been the only woman on the creative team, and we want to honor women who choose to work with other women; and 2) we have been learning for awhile how women collaborating with other women often work together differently than men do with men, and even moreso, than men do with women. That is why the most fascinating part of the Gala is to hear these bright, talented, extremely accomplished women talk about their unique, ever-evolving collaborative processes."

Awarded every other year, the Collaboration Awards encourage professional women in the arts and media from different specializations to work collaboratively on the creation of new work. The award recognizes the best of these collaborations and goes to a winning project and its two creators. In addition to the top honor, an Honored Finalist Award and Honorable Mention Award are also presented to two additional projects and their creator teams.

Women in the Arts & Media Coalition is a non-profit organization representing more than 80,000 women and men in the performing arts and media through its member organizations and affiliates. The Coalition focuses the power of its member organizations and their memberships together and uses the combined strength to address issues of concern through advocacy, networking and educational events.

For more information, visit womenartsmediacoalition.org.

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