Jane Lynch Rips Harris, Lambert and Other "Sneaky Gays" Apart in New "Glee" Clip

PlayBlog   Jane Lynch Rips Harris, Lambert and Other "Sneaky Gays" Apart in New "Glee" Clip
As the countdown kicks in for "Glee"'s return to the airwaves April 13, the promotional clips released by FOX-TV are whetting the appetite o the show's eager fans. This clip from the infamous "Sue's Corner" news segment within the show is a particular gem.

In this segment, ruthless cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester (played by Golden Globe nominee Jane Lynch) tears down "sneaky gays," who are apparently "everywhere" these days and have the nerve to not be "so flaming they can be seen from outer space." She even raps upcoming "Glee" guest star Neil Patrick Harris on the knuckles for being gay in real life but playing a straight womanizer on TV (in CBS-TV's "How I Met Your Mother").  And, Adam Lambert?  Sue loves the music (especially in the voting booth, apparently), and she's okay with the black nail polish, but even so, she insists the glam rocker "swish it up a bit!"

What the clip makes abundantly clear is that Lynch's comic talents have not lost their zing during her hiatus from filming the show (part of which she spent Off-Broadway, during the winter, as part of the rotating cast of Love, Loss and What I Wore).  Lynch, whose film credits include "Julie and Julia," "The 40 Year Old Virgin" and "Best in Show," is planning to marry her long-time girlfriend this May.

You can view Sue's tirade here.

— Thomas Peter

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