Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra Gets Temporary Reprieve

Classic Arts News   Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra Gets Temporary Reprieve
The Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra's 78 musicians will keep receiving their salaries until October 14, the The Toronto Star reports.

Judge Ezra Kama of the Jerusalem Regional Court ordered the the Israeli Broadcasting Authority, which announced last month a 60% cut in its annual contributions to the orchestra, to continue funding the JSO during the orchestra's ongoing search for other sources of income.

The JSO had been scheduled to dissolve on July 15. "We are hoping for a miracle," violinist and orchestra member Richard Assayas was quoted as saying in The Jerusalem Post two days before the date.

Kama called the orchestra "a cultural institution that proudly projects the name of Jerusalem."

"I owe a great deal of my musical maturity to the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra and feel a great sense of pride in them," said 21-year-old Asher Krim, a student at the Jerusalem Academy of Music.

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