John-Boy Finds Longevity in Race, and Beyond

PlayBlog   John-Boy Finds Longevity in Race, and Beyond
You know TV's John-Boy is a long way from Waltons Mountain when he is standing accused of rape, as Richard Thomas' new character is now doing at Broadway's Barrymore in David Mamet's Race.

You also know it when you connect his husky, still-boyish voice with the lucrative Mercedes-Benz commercials on TV. "I know. Isn't it cool?" he says, at a loss for explaining how he has come to this, from TV-drama stardom in the '70s. "Well, y'know, it's a long road in a crazy business, so anything can happen. It's a wonderful thing for a theatre actor to have. I think all people who work in the theatre should have a voiceover."

— Harry Haun

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