John Cameron Mitchell Compares Each Hedwig to a Classic Superhero! Who's the Black Widow?

News   John Cameron Mitchell Compares Each Hedwig to a Classic Superhero! Who's the Black Widow?
Ever since Hedwig stomped her way back to Broadway, she's had pretty big (and sparkly) shoes to fill, but luckily we've been graced by some of the sexiest (and sassiest) men in the business! For fun, John Cameron Mitchell, Hedwig and the Angry Inch's creator, compared each Hedwig to a Marvel or DC Comics superhero.

Neil Patrick Harris (original, Tony-winning Hedwig March 29-Aug. 17, 2014)

Neil was Superman. If they're superheroes, Neil is Superman because he can do anything and see through walls…!


Andrew Rannells (Aug. 20-Oct. 12, 2014)

Andrew is the Black Widow because he's just sexy, and he's more comfortable as a woman…but could kill you. Andrew brought kind of a real downtown drag energy that reminded me of SqueezeBox, where it developed.


Michael C. Hall (Oct. 16, 2014-Jan. 18, 2015; Feb. 17-21)

Michael C. Hall was kind of Iron Man — kind of wry, kind of Robert Downey, [Jr.], kind of bigger, not as graceful… That was the Hedwig that was forced to be the woman, but an emotional core that made me cry every time.


John Cameron Mitchell (Jan. 21-Feb. 14; Feb. 24-April 26)

I was Professor Xavier — crippled in a wheelchair, but the mastermind of all the X-Men Hedwigs who is near death. I was the exhausted, "I want to sit down," been-through-it-all, "How many times can my heart be broken?" one.


Darren Criss (April 29-July 19)

Darren is Spider-Man. He's not as strong, but he's everywhere, and he wins. Darren is this kind of dynamo Energizer Bunny who is just like: Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! His improv is incredible.


Taye Diggs (beginning July 22)

I don't know who Taye is going to be. We'll find out! I don't know what Taye's going to bring, I just know that he has all of the skills, and he hasn't used them all at the same time yet. In some ways, I think this will be the most complicated confluence of all of the skills that he's ever had. [In] Rent, he was brilliant — and he was singing, dancing and acting — but he was in a large ensemble. He's become a movie star [and] a TV star off his charm and his wit, but he hasn't necessarily sung or been able to have a deep excavation of the soul. This role tears it out of you, and I was just talking to him now, and he was like, "I'm just starting to realize how complicated this is, and thank you. It's so refreshing to finally have something to pour yourself into, but also excavate." He's got all the skills; he just hasn't used them all at the same time.
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