Karen Mason Is A Woman on Top in Industry Reading of Political Musical July 9-10

News   Karen Mason Is A Woman on Top in Industry Reading of Political Musical July 9-10
A Woman on Top, the politically-inspired musical about a woman running for president, receives two industry readings July 9 at 3 PM and July 10 at 2 PM at The New 42nd Street Studios.

Karen Mason
Karen Mason

Directed by Dan Knechtges, the cast includes Karen Mason (Wonderland, Mamma Mia!), Frank Vlastnik (Big, Sweet Smell of Success), Marni Nixon (Nine, Follies), Sarah Cetrulo (The Black Suits) and David Mandelbaum.

A Woman on Top features music by Rhonda Kess, lyrics by Kess and Dale Kiken and a book by Kiken.

"In the show, Senator Virginia Stanton has had it all: career, marriage, family, success, and divorce," press notes state. "Reaching toward her ultimate goal, Virginia seeks the Presidential nomination of her party while her ex-husband, Governor George Reitman, seeks the same for the opposition leaving them locked in a series of political arm wrestling matches that tests them both.

"The Ghost of English Suffragette Minnie Lansbury makes a surprise visit to the 'green room,' leading Virginia through a series of dreams of her life’s journey. Minnie reminds Virginia of the great support and solace she received from her immigrant Grandfather Max who, as it turns out, shared some history with Minnie back in England. The Ghosts of some famous American Suffragettes also appear to bolster Minnie’s tale. Having raised her daughter Lindsey as a single mother, Virginia confronts the difficulties of a teenager from a split family who yearns for a mother and not a politician. Who will win this tugging match between Virginia and George? And will there be a clear winner?"

The New 42nd Street Studios are located at 229 West 42nd St. Industry members interested in attending should email AWOTrsvp@gmail.com and indicate their affiliation.

For more information and song samples, visit awomanontopmusical.com.

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