Keeping Your New Year's Resolutions -- on Broadway

Special Features   Keeping Your New Year's Resolutions -- on Broadway
ON THE TOWN -- January 1997

ON THE TOWN -- January 1997

Temptation lurks in every corner. Teasing you, mocking you and beckoning you are a thousand mischievous instigators, begging you to break that list of personal promises you assembled just a short time ago. Does opportunity exist for the hopeful resolutionist in New York City? The way exists, if the will permits. And it helps to be in the know.

Stick to a healthy diet: A recent study indicated that losing weight and eating healthy rank high on the list of Americans' New Year's resolutions. Pretty tricky if you plan on dining out in the Big Fattening Apple. Fortunately, the city boasts top-notch eateries where healthful entrees taste as good as they look. Zenith, located at the easily memorized 888 Eighth Avenue, offers "food that will forever change the way you think about Vegetarian Cuisine." This is especially true if you are not one to embrace the sprouts and celery plate you won't find that as Zenith. What you will find, pleasantly, are entrees like Fireworks Squid, Fisherman's Catch and a crispy Duck. Fear not, these clever vegetarian adaptations will leave you delighted, satisfied and, perhaps, suspicious. Sauteed artichokes, crepes espinardes, curry Maharani and a medley of Asian delicacies grace the menu. Afternoon delivery available (212) 262-8080.

Exercise: Forget sweating to the oldies, unless that's your thing. There are hundreds of ways to get your blood pumping, to a hundred different beats. If you like cabaret and show tunes, dance among the stars at The Rainbow Room (bottom, left), 30 Rockefeller Plaza (212-632-5100). For good ol' rock 'n roll, take a tip from Mick Jagger and David Bowie, who are occasionally spotted at the China Club at 2130 Broadway (212-877-1166).

Add a little culture: It's fun and easy to find culture in New York City. The Metropolitan Museum of Art (the Met), located at Fifth Avenue and 82nd Street, displays hundreds of famous masterpieces in its permanent collection. Currently, the works of Corot, the man Renoir called "the greatest landscape artist that ever lived," are on display until January 19. About 160 paintings, dated from 1820 to the 1870's, track Corots distinguished career. (212-535-7710) Catch up on the classics: To do this you could tread through a novel or spend an evening at the theatre. For example, the Roundabout Theatre Company will present Anton Chekhov's classic tale Three Sisters, previewing January 22. Amy Irving, Lili Taylor, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Eric Stoltz, David Strathairn and Billy Crudup will star in the tale of three sisters, living in the Russian hinterland, who long to return to the time and place of their fondest memories. (Roundabout Theatre, 1530 Broadway at 45th Street; 212-869-8400)

-- By Jennifer Lanter

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