Ken Davenport Releases First Annual List of Top Unproduced Plays

News   Ken Davenport Releases First Annual List of Top Unproduced Plays
The Broadway Black List features 10 plays the producer believes warrant production.
Ken Davenport
Ken Davenport

Ken Davenport, whose recent Main Stem credits include Allegiance, Spring Awakening, and The Visit, has released his first annual Broadway Black List, 10 unproduced plays that the Broadway and Off-Broadway producer believes merit production.

On his website,, Davenport writes, “We went through all of the scripts that we’ve read over the past year (and when I saw we, I say me, and my team of readers, led by the incredible dramaturge and script analyst, Eric Webb), and picked our 10 Favorites. Then, we asked those authors for permission to put their info and their work on The Black List. That’s right, you not only will learn about the writers, but you’ll also get a chance to read the work! Our hope is, of course, that the work will be read by someone who might pass it on to someone, who might pass it on to someone, who may give it a shot.”

The list is inspired by Hollywood's The Black List, where “filmmakers find great material to make films and great material finds filmmakers to make them.” Read more about the list here.

The inaugural list follows:

  1. Factory Girls by Creighton Irons and Sean Mahoney
  2. Great Wall by Kevin So and Kevin Merritt
  3. Imagination by Dean Ward
  4. Life on the Mississippi by Philip W. Hall
  5. Marjorie Gold by Erin Leigh Peck
  6. Modern Prophet by Sam Graber
  7. Qualities of Starlight by Gabriel Jason Dean
  8. Strange Bedfellows by Jason Boies
  9. The Almost End of the End Forever by Bob Bowersox
  10. The Battles by Ned Massey

To submit a script for consideration for the Broadway Black List 2017, click here.

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