Kids from Broadway Share What's On Their Wish List This Holiday Season

News   Kids from Broadway Share What's On Their Wish List This Holiday Season
For the children starring on Broadway and in national tours, many of their dreams have already come true, but that doesn't mean that a few things — like puppies, Hot Wheels and world peace — wouldn't make their smiles even wider.


On the eve of Hanukkah and Christmas, asked 15 pint-sized stars to share their holiday wishes with us in hopes that a few parents (or Santa!) might be reading. These child actors work hard all year round, bringing joy to their audiences — surely they deserve a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Big Secret Seward Lair LEGO set or two.

Issie Swickle
Annie in the national tour of Annie

Issie Swickle and Sunny
Issie Swickle and Sunny Photo by Joan Marcus

Her wishes:

Dareway scooter - "It's fun!"

Professional camera - "I want to take pictures of my family."

Phone case maker - "I want to turn the pictures of my family into phone cases."

Popcorn, cotton candy or gumball machine - "Who doesn't want one?"

Family time - "During my break from the Annie tour I want to spend time with my family and have ‘SwickleBowl' on New Year's Day! For SwickleBowl, we paint a football field in our backyard, and all the men and boys in the family play an intense game of flag football. We also go swimming in the pool (we live in Fort Lauderdale) and we follow it with a traditional turkey dinner. It's a whole day extravaganza. We usually have it on Thanksgiving, but we were on the road in Chicago with Annie then, so this year we are having it on New Year's Day."

Sophie Knapp
Ivanka in Once on Broadway

Sophie Knapp
Sophie Knapp

Her wishes:

Guitar lessons- "Many of the Once cast members play guitar and I really want to learn, because I love the Once music."

Tickets to Matilda The Musical - "I am hoping to play Matilda when I'm a little older (and taller!). I know most of it by heart. I also have a good friend playing Lavender and two friends playing Matilda."

Tickets to the new "Annie" movie - "I have learned all the songs and I played Molly in a production last year when I was five."

Funky erasers - "I love collecting, playing with and trading them with my friends. You can never have too many."

Samuel Pickens
Young Michael Jackson/ Berry Gordy/ Stevie Wonder in Motown on Broadway

Samuel Pickens
Samuel Pickens

"Christmas is the best holiday season because it's an opportunity to give to those who are wishful. My ultimate wish is for kids all over the world to get the gifts they wish for. I am 11 years old and a huge fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I love anything TMNT! Michelangelo is my favorite TMNT character. If I had a wish, I would wish for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Big Secret Seward Lair LEGO set, TMNT pajamas, a Casey Jones action figure, TMNT house shoes and a LEGO ‘Star Wars' 3DS video game."

Sydney Lucas
Small Alison in the upcoming Broadway production of Fun Home and sister to "Peter Pan Live!" star Jake Lucas

Sydney Lucas
Sydney Lucas

"I would love wrist guards for Christmas to go with the skateboard that my best friend got me. I don't want to break my wrist. The next thing I want is an enormous jar of Nam's Bits cookies. If you don't know what they are, they are the best cookies in the world! Another thing I'm asking for is a GoPro camera. I want to capture every special and exhilarating thing in my life as well as film underwater and record videos while riding on my skateboard. I would also like magnetic and clip-on earrings from Claire's. I don't want to pierce my ears yet, but I have been dying to wear earrings. But most of all, I want my grandma to have a Merry Christmas because my grandpa is in heaven and this will be our first Christmas without him."

Jake Lucas
John Darling in NBC's "Peter Pan Live!" and brother to Fun Home star Sydney Lucas

Jake Lucas
Jake Lucas

"For Christmas, I do have some wants, but all I really need is love from family and friends. What I would like from Santa is a longboard skateboard, bearings, trucks, wheels and wrist guards. I love to skateboard, especially with my sister and best friend. Right now, I'm having to share a skateboard with my sister. Since I don't want to get hurt, I really need those wrist guards from Santa; I already wear a helmet. I can be a daredevil, so that is why I need some very special bearings, trucks and wheels for going faster and being able to turn easily (carving!). Other than a new skateboard, I'd really like some more games for my Xbox 360 — preferably multi-player games that I can play with my Broadway friends and classmates on a network."

Lilyana Cornell
Cindy Lou Who in the New York and Chicago tour of Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

Lilyana Cornell and the cast of <i>Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas! </i>
Lilyana Cornell and the cast of Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas! Photo by Bluemoon Studios

"Each year I send Santa my Christmas wish list by December 1st. This year I really only wanted two things. I'm an animal lover so I asked for a snow white-tailed hamster. They are really cute and soft and very easy to care for. I also asked Santa to bring clothes for the needy families in the Philippines. My Lola (grandmother) is from there and she always tells me stories of how there are so many poor people without shoes and clothing. I just want to change their lives and make them happy."

Angeli Negron
Little Cosette/ Young Eponine in Les Misérables on Broadway

Angeli Negron
Angeli Negron

"I don't really have a wish list for Christmas. I want people who know me to get me what they think I'll like. I want to be surprised on Christmas morning."

Mia Sinclair Jenness
Understudy for Little Cosette/ Young Eponine in Les Misérables on Broadway

Mia Sinclair Jenness
Mia Sinclair Jenness

Her wishes:

A puppy - "They are cute, lovable, and loyal."

Paul Frank stuffed animal - "I love Julius the Sock Monkey."

Broadway tickets - "I love seeing shows. I really want tickets to Phantom of the Opera."

A family vacation - "I love spending time with my brother and mom."

The "Harry Potter" book collection - "I am obsessed with Harry Potter!"

Graham Montgomery
Standby for Young Charlie in Kinky Boots on Broadway

Graham Montgomery
Graham Montgomery

"My list is pretty short this year. The first thing I want is my daddy, brother, sister and dog Dixie to be here in New York with us for Christmas. I haven't seen them since July and I miss them so much. I hope Dixie recognizes me. I also want an iPhone 5s. I have an old phone and I want to have features like Siri. A few Hot Wheels cars would be great, but I don't race them or make them crash like most kids. All of my cars have personalities and I like to pretend that they are characters in a play or a TV show."

Tori Feinstein, Eliza Holland Madore, Brooklyn Shuck and Fina Strazza
Matilda in Matilda the Musical

Eliza Holland Madore, Brooklyn Schuck, Fina Strazza, and Tori Feinstein as <i>Matilda</i>
Eliza Holland Madore, Brooklyn Schuck, Fina Strazza, and Tori Feinstein as Matilda Photo by Joan Marcus


"I wish that poor children stay warm during the holiday season and throughout the whole winter. I wish that people find a cure for cancer. I wish that orphans find loving homes. I wish that a little puppy pops out of a box for me to keep, because I really want a dog! I wish to stay in Matilda forever. I love it so much. I wish for an instant camera because I love to take pictures. I wish for a pizza maker. Pizza is one of my favorite foods and I think it would be really cool to be able to make pizza."


"I wish that every person out there gets a chance to do the thing that makes them feel really good about being part of this world. It's important to feel like you have a purpose, and I wish that for everyone."


"My mom and sisters have been away this holiday season on national tours. I miss them terribly! My Christmas wish is for my family to be home, so we can celebrate together."


Her wishes:

1. "The Clapper so when I wake up in the morning I don't have to cross the room to turn on the lights."
2. "A plane ticket to Europe so I can visit my sister while she's filming a TV series."
3. "A small wooden keepsake box to hold a ticket stub for a movie I was in."
4. "A plush bunny to cuddle with at night because I love bunnies!"

Abigail and Milly Shapiro
Sisters and stars of A Little Princess concerts at 54 Below

Abigail Shapiro and Milly Shapiro
Abigail Shapiro and Milly Shapiro Photo by Monica Simoes

Abigail: "This year I would like to forfeit gifts in place of donations to the Liberty: A Monumental New Musical cast recording fund on Indiegogo. I would be thrilled to be able to be a part of the cast recording and we need donations to make it happen. I also want to be able to take my sister to [The Wizarding World of] Harry Potter at Universal Orlando for the holiday. She is in love with the series. She's reading it for the seventh time!"

Milly: "For Christmas I would like Harry Potter-themed quills and parchment papers. I'm obsessed with the "Harry Potter" series. I want a new fashion designing journal since I've already filled up my old one. I would like some of my designs to be made so that I can pursue one of my dreams of becoming a fashion designer. I also want people to donate to the Liberty cast recording fund for my sister. I know it's one of her dreams to be a part of it, and I want her dreams to come true."

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