L.A. Hit Bare: A Pop Opera Has Catholic Boarding School Students Singing in March 2004 Off-Bway Premiere

News   L.A. Hit Bare: A Pop Opera Has Catholic Boarding School Students Singing in March 2004 Off-Bway Premiere
High school seniors coming of age in a Catholic boarding school are the raw material for Bare: A Pop Opera, a new musical set to have its Off-Broadway debut in mid-March 2004.

The show will premiere at the American Theater of Actors, the obscure West 54th Street space where Urinetown began its commercial life in 2001. Bare also shares with Urinetown a common producer, Dodger Stage Holdings, according to a casting notice.

The musical is the work of composer-librettist Damon Intrabartolo and lyricist-librettist Jon Hartmere Jr. Kristin Hanggi directs. A six-week run is scheduled, with a "potential open-ended run."

The show was presented to good reviews in a 2000 staging at Los Angeles' Hudson Theatre. Many reviews compared the show to Jonathan Larson's Rent. A six-week run was extended four times, to Feb. 25, 2001. Hanggi also directed that production, which won best music and lyrics trophies at the 2001 Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Awards .

Among the characters in the school's ethnically-varied student body are Peter, a religious intellectual searching for answers; Jason, Peter's athletic and charming boyfriend; Nadia, Jason's overweight and witty twin sister; Ivy, a popular, but protected flirt; Matt, an ambitious preppie; Lucas, the school drug dealer and Good Time Charlie; and Tanya, Lucas' fun-loving girlfriend. Each is trying to envision life beyond the insular world of the boarding school.

The show's main focus is the clandestine romantic relationship between Peter and Jason. Peter wants to declare his sexuality, but Jason is worried about losing a recently won scholarship to Notre Dame, and is further troubled by the ardent romantic attentions of Ivy. Back in fall 2001, MTV Films and the multimedia Immortal Entertainment Group, in partnership with Daryl and Jordan Roth, were announced as being behind the project. They are no longer attached.

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