Last Chance: Old Globe Springtime Ends Aug. 16

News   Last Chance: Old Globe Springtime Ends Aug. 16
Last chance to catch the farce Springtime For Henry at San Diego's Old Globe Theatre.

Last chance to catch the farce Springtime For Henry at San Diego's Old Globe Theatre.

Yes, that last word in the title is "Henry," for long before Mel Brooks concocted his "Producers," audiences were laughing at Benn W. Levy's farce about rakish Henry Dewlip, "a man who never leaves a drink unfinished, lets a lady go without making a pass, or a bet remain unwagered."

The production began previews July 6, opened July 12 and ends Saturday, Aug. 16.

Don Sparks, Ivar Brogger, Jane Fleiss and Ayla Yarkut star. Sparks appeared in Sylvia during the Old Globe's previous season.

Director Craig Noel said of the work, "It's an interesting period, very, very posh. Although these characters think they're in a Noel Coward comedy, they're not quite successful. Just about the time they do something quite elegant and refined, they fall flat on their faces." Other works by Benn Wolfe Levy include Clutterbuck and The Rape Of The Belt.

Designing the comedy are Kent Dorsey (set/lighting), Jeff Ladman (sound), and Lewis Brown (costumes).

Springtime For Henry plays at the Old Globe's Cassius Carter Centre Stage.


Still running or soon to open at the Old Globe are:
The Legacy (Old Globe Theatre, July 13-Aug. 23, opens July 19).
Mark Harelik follows up his acclaimed The Immigrant with the second play in his Russian-Jewish emigre trilogy (according to Old Globe spokesperson David Tucker, the last play is to be called "American Dream"). The Estanitsky family, strangers in the desolate desert of West Texas, struggle to maintain its cultural heritage. Harelik will also a e play. Harelik stars in the show, alongside Len Lesser (who plays Uncle Leo in "Seinfeld") and Ann Guilbert (famed for playing Millie on "The Dick Van Dyke Show").

Othello, (Lowell Davies Festival Theatre, Aug. 24-Oct. 4, opens Aug. 30).
In Shakespeare's tragedy, the Moor of Venice turns jealous when Iago tells lies about his wife, Desdemona (Christina Haag). Jack O'Brien directs Tyrees Allen as the Moor. Associate artist Richard Easton plays Iago

Miracles, (Cassius Carter Center Stage, Aug. 31-Oct. 11)
A play by Frank Higgins about an autistic girl who stuns everyone by writing a book. Benny Sato Ambush, who staged The Gate Of Heaven at the Old Globe, will direct.

The Mask Of Moriarty (Old Globe, Sept. 14-Oct. 25, opens Sept. 20)
Before he became the ultimate interpreter of Ray Cooney farces, Paxton Whitehead also made his name playing that great detective, Sherlock Holmes. Globe trotters can now catch Whitehead in Hugh Leonard's comedy, The Mask Of Moriarty, wherein Holmes and sidekick Dr. Watson (Tom Lacy) figure out who murdered whom on Waterloo Bridge...

For subscription passes and other information on the Old Globe, refer to the regional listing or call (619) 235-2250.

--By David Lefkowitz

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