Last Chance to Get in the 2012-13 "Playbill Yearbook" – See If Your Name Is on the List

News   Last Chance to Get in the 2012-13 "Playbill Yearbook" – See If Your Name Is on the List
Worked on Broadway this past season? June 7 is the deadline to get your headshot in "The 2012-2013 Playbill Broadway Yearbook."

We're striving to include photos of every person who worked on a Broadway show between June 1, 2012, and May 31, 2013, even if the show was a holdover from a previous season. We have more than 7,500 faces already in the book, but we're still missing some — primarily producers and designers. If your name appears on the list at the bottom of this story, please email your headshot to If you see the name of a friend, please let him or her know that name is on this list.

Photo format: jpegs or tiffs only, please; 300 dpi or better.

We already have all actor photos. Also, if you posed for a group photo at your theatre as part of stage crew, front of house staff, or the orchestra, you're already in the "Yearbook."

Still not sure? Check out the list (below) of everyone whose name appeared in the Who’s Who of a Playbill, but who is not yet in a "Yearbook" photo.

"The Playbill Broadway Yearbook" is scheduled for publication early this fall, so the June 7 deadline will not be extended. We hope that everyone who worked on Broadway this season will participate in the sixth annual edition, which promises to be a wonderful piece of theatrical memorabilia. Andrews, Stuart

Baisden-Folkes, Akeem
Baker, Douglas C.
Bartner, Robert
Berlind, William
Bindler, S. R.
Broder, Julia
Bryan, Ralph & Gail
Burke, Ed

Caldwell, Adam
Carpenter, David
Carusi, Susan
Cercone, Sean
Chancellor, Hunter
Chu, May
Cosec, Henry
Costello, Jennifer
Cryer, Jon
Daikeler, Carl
Deichman, Andrew
Doctor, Bruce
Dubin, Jane
Dunn, Kate
Duveneck, Sonya

Fagin, Michael
Fantaci, Jim
Feldman, Ben
Fitzgerlad, Peter
Fong, Michael
Frankel, Ronald
Fulbright, Peter

Galloway, Ian William
Gasparian, Marty
Gill, Len

Hall, John c.
Harvey, K. Lee
Hauser, Mark
Helland, J. Roy
Henkin, Elyce
Hirson, Roger O.
Hoffman, Marguerite
Howland, Jason
Hutt, Robert L.

Kane, Ellen
Klauser, Willette Murphy
Knapp, Arianna
Krauss, Ben

Lambrecht, Patricia
Landau, Steven
Lassen, Cody
Levinson, Levinson
Levy, Drew
Liebowitz, Ted
Luther, Jon

MacGilvray, James P.
Masie, Elliott
McCallum, Martin
McCoy, John
McManus, Stephen E.
Mindich, Stacey
Morris, Kevin

Newman, Harold
Nugent, Nelle

O'Connor, MaryBeth
O'Hare, Jeanie
Poyer, Lisa M.
Ptaszynski, André

Quattrini, Brian

Rada. Edward L.
Ramsey, Van Broughton
Richards, Matthew
Robbins, David & Jill
Robinson, Sanford
Roth, Dean
Rutter, Bellanca Smigel

Salameni, Charles
Schmidt, John
Schwartz, David F.
Shacket, Mark
Sheppard, Luke
Shin, Chunsoo
Smolenski IV, Tony
Smucker, Emily
Smucker, Richard
Spencer, Campbell
Spry, James
Stern, James D.

Tanaka, Anne
Teaton, Kenneth
Terry, Patrick
Thomas, Geoffrey
Tolan, Cindy

Viravan, Takonkiet

Watson, Edward
Weimer, Paul
Weingarten, Margie
Weinreb, David R.
White, Kat
Wilson, Jeffrey W.
Wood, Denise

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