Letts Discusses August: Osage County Film

PlayBlog   Letts Discusses August: Osage County Film
Tony and Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Tracy Letts has completed work on the screenplay for his acclaimed family drama August: Osage County.

In a recent interview with Chicago's Modern Luxury magazine, the playwright discusses the film adaptation, its progress and his dream cast.

Letts tells CML: "Here's what's true: The producers acquired the rights to August: Osage County and hired me to write the screenplay and I've written it. Nobody has been hired. There is no director, there are no actors, there is no date. There are a lot of rumors, but none of them are true. People are taking their time to make sure it gets done right. No one is rushing to get something up there that's half-ass."

When asked to provide who his ideal cast would be, Letts replied, "Sure, the original cast."

Letts was asked if he thought the original Steppenwolf cast would end up in the film and stated: "No, and there are good reasons why — mainly financial reasons. But if I was in charge of that decision, I would have the original cast come back and do it and put it on film."

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