Linda Eder's New CD Features Songs from Shows That Never Made It, Including Havana, Scott & Zelda

News   Linda Eder's New CD Features Songs from Shows That Never Made It, Including Havana, Scott & Zelda
"Retro," the newest solo recording from Linda Eder, who made her Broadway debut in Jekyll & Hyde, is released Nov. 16.

Linda Eder
Linda Eder

The new recording features songs written over the past two decades for shows (or albums) "that never got off the ground for one reason or another," according to Eder's liner notes.

Composers/lyricists represented on the new disc include Frank Wildhorn, Jason Howland, Jack Murphy, Leslie Bricusse, Nan Knighton, Baird Jarman and Maury Yeston.

The complete track listing, with notes from Eder, follows:

Love Is Here At Last 
Cyrano de Bergerac
This lovely power ballad is sung by Roxanne in Frank and Leslie’s version of Cyrano de Bergerac. This classic story is as romantic as romantic gets and it gave Frank the freedom to write the kind of sweeping melodies that he is so good at. I never use the word “lush” in real life, but it keeps popping into my head when I think of this music. It was amazing to sing and I really love the build and chord changes in the bridge.

In The Stone
Camille Claudel
This is Camille’s first big song in the show. I loved playing this role and I loved singing Nan’s lyrics. I think we both relate so much with Camille as any woman wanting to make it in the arts would. On stage I felt like Nan, Camille and me all at once. Camille was so passionate and the music from the show really reflects that. When The Right Man Comes Along 
I was happy to accept when Jason Howland asked me if I would record the songs from his musical Quickstep. Jason is quite a talent and after literally growing up around Frank, it’s possible to hear a little of his mentor’s influence in Jason’s work. This song is gorgeous and with a very touching lyric by Baird Jarman. It was my first and only time singing Baird’s words and I was very impressed with his story telling.

You Never Can Tell 
Havana is one of the many musicals that I worked on with Frank and I wish this one had gone forward. The score by Frank and Jack is just amazing and so fun. I loved the setting and genre for the story and would have loved to have performed it. This is a duet with my friend Michael Lanning, who has the most beautiful voice.  I’m such a critic and I don’t really “love” a lot of singers who perform Broadway style music, so to hear someone like Michael on this music is “music to my ears.”

I’m Doing Just Fine 
I could have recorded this song on one of my previous albums many years ago, but at that time I hadn’t lived enough life to feel comfortable with such a strong lyric. I felt strangely shy about it. I don’t have that problem anymore…I do find it kind of funny that this “woman hear me roar” song’s lyrics are written by a man… the wonderfully talented, brooding, Jack Murphy. 

Cyrano de Bergerac
This is another absolutely lovely song from Cyrano. I think fans might say this kind of ballad is right in my “wheelhouse.” The music from this show is so good that I am glad that at least some of it is finally being heard on this CD. It deserves to be out in the world.

The One That Got Away 
For years I have been the lucky girl who had songs written for her by the incredible song writing team of Wildhorn/Murphy. Together they are a throwback to the amazing writers of the Golden Age. The music and lyrics have a craft that is very rare these days. The songs become timeless the way all good standards are timeless.

Matter Of Luck 
The snappy song showcases the “fun” that was the Havana project and the brilliance of the score. Frank is great at writing up-tempo/big band/Broadway-esque melodies. The song has that swing feel that I love so much. I have swing in my bones. It’s something you have to be born with, I think. This piece also proves again the intelligent brilliance of Jack’s lyrics.

So Young So Beautiful 
Cyrano de Bergerac
Roxanne sings this song after Christian has been killed on the battlefield. At the time she is still unaware that it is actually Cyrano that has written the beautiful love letters that she has fallen in love with. I found out recently that my recording of this beautifully sad song has been used at the funeral of some fallen policemen. I was very touched by that.

Sweet Surprise 
Havana is a Film Noir murder caper but it is also a love story (of course) leaving room for this beautiful ballad by Frank and Jack. This song is effortlessly perfect – so hard to achieve in song writing.  

Could It Be 
Recording this song was a challenge. There is a lot going on so having to learn it and record it all at once called for some major concentration. Usually I am around when the song is being written so it’s already “in my bones” by the time I go into the studio. I don’t read music well enough for it to be of any help so I have to memorize. Happily I think it came out with a lot of fire.

Scott & Zelda
How about that for an opening? The whole song is born in the first line. Jack Murphy is passionate about F. Scott Fitzgerald and he really loved this project. It shows in his work on this song and the whole score. As far as I am concerned, it was one brilliant writer writing about another brilliant writer. 

There Is Love 
This was my first time working with the wonderful Maury Yeston. We spent a fun night in the studio recording a few of his songs. This melody is very different for Frank. If I had not known it was his, I would not recognize it as a Wildhorn Melody. Maury has a style to his lyrics and it was something new for me, so I really enjoyed singing this. He taught me the French line by line. The French language is so beautiful and so challenging to get right.

Is This Where Our Story Ends 
This pop power ballad is an example of the kind of music that Frank wrote for me for my very first album. There was a time before the singer songwriters took over that you heard this kind of music all over pop radio. I love the chord change in the bridge… I hit repeat on that part!

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