Listen to "This Time," Lea Michele's Final "Glee" Solo Written By Darren Criss (Audio)

News   Listen to "This Time," Lea Michele's Final "Glee" Solo Written By Darren Criss (Audio)
"This Time," a song penned by "Glee" cast member Darren Criss and performed by the show's star, Lea Michele, has been released.

The song will be featured in the series finale, which will air March 20 at 8 PM ET on Fox. Entertainment Weekly released the first listen to the song here. "The show was a big deal when I was a senior in college," Criss told, looking back on the show. "It had already hit its mark when I was not a part of it, so when it came out, I wasn't shocked that it was doing well. But everybody else was like, 'Wow, this is hitting people in really serious ways and hitting young people in a really positive way.' It's been around for roughly six years now. [For audiences] between [the ages of] 40 and 46, there's not much difference, [but] between 16 and 21 — when you're a teenager and into your 20s — [the show made] a huge difference. These kids grew up with that show [and] literally became adults. I've met kids who watched it in high school, who now finished high school, finished college and are now in the workforce — out there trying to get a job. The way that the show is part of their consciousness is really crazy. There's a great scene in '21 Jump Street,' where they say if 'Glee' is cool then bullying is stupid, and it's this reverse pendulum of positivity. So, being any part of that machine is pretty cool."

Additionally, as part of the show's final countdown, fans have voted for their all-time favorite episode, which Michele announces in the below video:

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