"Living Theater-Act One" CD Now in Stores

News   "Living Theater-Act One" CD Now in Stores
"Living Theater-Act One," a new recording that features songs written, arranged and/or produced by Joseph Baldassare, is now in stores.

Artists worldwide were hand-picked by Baldassare for the recording, which includes songs that range from hip hop to modern jazz and from trance ethnic to electronic lounge as well as the Broadway standard "My Funny Valentine." The artists perform in their native languages, including tracks in Spanish, Greek, Chinese and English.

In a statement producer Baldassare said, "Along the way I was reminded many times of my own motto. If the world is a stage, then we are all Living Theater. Somehow I always knew that everything would come around as the music has a rhythm and energy all its own."

The complete track listing for "Living Theater-Act One" follows:
"Solo por tu amor"
"Gypsy Tears"
"It's a Lovely Day"
"Do You Love Me Too"
"Circle of Change"
"Minor 9"
"My Funny Valentine"
"Adam & Evenings"
"Dove Vai"
"A Divine Kingdom"
"Compassionate Buddha"
"What Is This?"

Other titles available in the "Living Theater" series, which is subtitled "Modern Music for Modern Times," are "Living Theater Act Two," "Living Theater Act Three" and "Tracy Young Remixes Living Theater." Artists featured on the recordings include Manuel Franjo (Venezuela), P. Melas (Montreal), Medea (Ukraine), Eleni Kalaitzidou (Greece), Bert Joris (Belgium), Xakan (Istanbul) and Erica Jennings (Lithuania), among others.

Visit kundurumusic.com for more information.

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