London's BBC Airs Bombay Dreams Documentary

News   London's BBC Airs Bombay Dreams Documentary

An Omnibus documentary, "Spotlights and Saris: Making Bombay Dreams," will be shown on BBC1 on June 18, the day before Bombay Dreams opens at the Apollo Victoria.

The musical, which is currently previewing, is one of the most eagerly anticipated in the West End for a long time, particularly because, if it works, it will represent a major new development in West End musicals.

The documentary follows the development of Bombay Dreams from its earliest stages in 1999, via auditions and rehearsals up to dress rehearsals.

Television has, in the past, often been seen as an enemy of theatre but, constructively used, it can be a very helpful marketing tool and also an educational one, letting the public into some of the backstage secrets of the art, and giving them a greater insight into what goes into putting on a play or musical.

Similarly, theatre provides a fascinating and relatively unusual subject for television program makers, as well as suitably glitzy first-night scenes for the television news companies' lighter moments.

—By Paul Webb Theatrenow

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