Long-Time Theatre-District Restaurant Loses Its Lease

News   Long-Time Theatre-District Restaurant Loses Its Lease
Maria's Mont Blanc, a Broadway theatre-district mainstay for more than three decades, has lost a court case over its lease.

"We won the case and then [the landlord] appealed, and they won the appeal," manager and owner Maria, who asked to be referred to by her first name, told Playbill.com.

The Swiss-Austrian bistro has been a 48th Street resident for 34 years, 10 at its current location — 315 W. 48th St., just west of Eighth Avenue — and the remainder across the street.

The court decision came down to one missing signature on an option to renew the lease, which "was supposed to be good until 2025," the restaurateur explained.

"I would love to move [the restaurant], but it's very expensive," Maria said. "I can't sign a lease when I don't know exactly what I can pay, so I'm looking for something on the reasonable side, but it's very difficult to find."

Would she like to stay in the same area? "I would love to," Maria said, "because I'm in this area for such a long time. People know me."

When the restaurant will shut its doors remains unknown. "[They] will put a sticker on the door, and that gives me seven days to get out," Maria said, adding, "I paid a fortune for this place because it was a good rent, so I paid the previous owner [who is now deceased] $675,000… That's why I was fighting it to the bitter end, but I guess what can I say? That's what it is. I wish I could change it, but I can't."

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