Mark Rylance and Kenneth Branagh Cast in WWII Film

News   Mark Rylance and Kenneth Branagh Cast in WWII Film
Shakespearean actors Kenneth Branagh and Mark Rylance have been cast in director Christopher Nolan's upcoming film "Dunkirk," about the chaotic but ultimately successful evacuation of allied troops from mainland Europe in the early days of World War II, according to

Mark Rylance
Mark Rylance Photo by Rebecca Reid

Rylance, a three-time Tony Award winner, most recently for Twelfth Night, and Branagh, who has starred in numerous William Shakespeare film adaptations, including "Much Ado About Nothing" and "King Henry V," will star alongside Tom Hardy, with an ensemble "made up largely of unknowns."

The evacuation of 330,000 allied troops from Dunkirk in May-June 1940, while not exactly a military triumph, allowed a large portion of the U.K.'s fighting force to survive and fight against the Nazis another day.

The film reportedly will be shot in IMAX 65mm and 65mm large-format film and is scheduled for release by Warner Bros July 21, 2017.

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