McFarlane Opera May Premiere at Scottish Parliament Building

Classic Arts News   McFarlane Opera May Premiere at Scottish Parliament Building
Composer Ian McFarlane hopes to stage his new opera, MacRobert's Reply, at Holyrood, the Scottish Parliament building, the Scotsman reports.

The opera is about Lady Rachel MacRobert, a Scottish woman who donated funds to the RAF for a bomber after her three sons died within three years during World War II. The bomber was named "MacRobert's Reply."

McFarlane, whose father and uncle were also in the RAF, said that the hour-long opera "is about women's role in the war and it is fitting that Mrs. MacRobert be commemorated [at Holyrood]."

He added, "I hope Parliament will support the work because the Scottish Parliament has one of the highest number of women MSPs of any parliament in Europe."

Indeed, several members have expressed approval for the opera, which is performed in English and Scots. A spokesman said that events at Holyrood are decided by a nominated corporate body of MSPs.

The opera's cast will feature soprano Mhairi Lawson and tenor Andrew Kennedy, along with actor Bill Paterson in a speaking role.

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