Mean Girls Defines All the Fetch Schquillz for You

Sponsored Content   Mean Girls Defines All the Fetch Schquillz for You
Don't be a regular audience member—be a cool audience member with this Mean Girls dictionary! Grool!
Erika Henningsen, Ashley Park, Taylor Louderman, and Kate Rockwell Joan Marcus

Regina: Trang Pak. Amber D’Alessio. Dawn Schweitzer. Should I keep going?
“That girl is grotsky.”

Janis: Regina George’s favorite word. Because she’s rude.
“Grotsky is as grotsky does.”

Coach Carr: Some kind of disease, probably.
“Don’t touch each other because you will catch grotsky and die.”

Cady: The irrepressible urge to say whatever is on your mind. Also sometimes actual vomit.
“Do you have any gum? My mouth tastes like word vomit.”

Gretchen: When you’re talking so much that Regina tells you to be more like the lady in The Shape of Water.
“Regina, I’m sorry about my word vomit. You’re right! Mute is cute.”

Cady: The alpha. If you’re on her good side, you can develop a symbiotic relationship.
“The Apex Predator is prone to attack when threatened or hangry.”

Janis: A scum-sucking fart-mouth life-ruiner.
“The Apex Predator can smell your fear. It smells like a baby prostitute.”

Regina: Like a lion, but with better hair.
“The Apex Predator is a vital part of the eco-system. Duh.”

Janis: Greater than great.
"Regina George had a piece of kale stuck in her teeth for six minutes. It was tits.”

Mr. Duvall: Nope, not appropriate. We talked about this.
“I know you didn’t just say the t word. I don’t want to hear that.”

Karen: Orandge emoji, bikini emoji, winky face emoji.
“Two coconut emojis.”

Cady: When you meant to say “great” but then started to say “cool.”
“I love your hair like that. It looks grool.”

Aaron: When something is so dorky it’s cute.
“Your sexy Marie Curie costume is really grool.”

Gretchen: Slang from England. der. from “fetching”, a 19th century term for attractive that I learned in SAT Prep.
“Your skirt is so fetch.”

Regina: Not happening. Seriously, Gretchen.
“Stop trying to make fetch happen.”

Karen: A dog’s favorite game.

Kevin G.: A cool new way of saying skills, boi!
“Yo, you’re taking AP Calc? You must have mad schquillz.”

Ms. Norbury: Adeptness.
“I’ve got the schquillz (and a part-time job waiting tables) to pay the bills.”

Cady: Is that a band?
“Yea, I listen to schquillz all the time! I really like him or her… or them.”

Janis: The worst people you will ever meet.
“The Plastics are the cause of everything bad in this world. Including the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.”

Damian: Shiny, fake and hard. (And also fabulous.)
“The Plastics are dangerous. Like skydiving or forgetting to log out of Twitter on one of the school computers.”

Ms. Norbury: The stuff of nightmares.
“When I see The Plastics at the mall, I hide.”

Regina: Jason Weems.
“He’s such a skeeze.”

Mr. Duvall: A disrespectful youth.
“Jason Weems, don’t be a skeeze. Put away that fidget spinner.”

Cady: Not a cool new way of saying sneeze.
“Never tell a boy in your homeroom that you’re about to skeeze.”

Karen: Skinny snow boards.
“I’m not allowed to use the skeeze anymore because I fall down too much.”

Damian: You know that awkward first day when you’ll literally hang out with anyone, so you eat lunch with a kid in a top hat and then four years later you’re looking through the yearbook and you’re like, “OMG, Lucius still goes here? I wonder if he still does magic?” That is a starter companion.
“Find a starter companion so you don’t have to eat lunch on a toilet.”

Janis: He does still go here.
“I just saw your starter companion doing a levitating card trick in the staff parking lot.”

Damian: Um, it’s complicated, maybe just Google it.
“Basically you should be mad all the time ‘cause everything everyone is doing is ‘problematic’ and we’re never gonna be OK. And don’t eat palm oil.”

Gretchen: When you don’t eat animal by-products except on certain streets.
“I’m not eating meat right now because Intersectional Veganism.”

Karen: ???
“Alexa… What is Intersectional Veganism?”

Mrs. George:
a. Loving, open, tipsy.
b. MILF. Mom I’d Like to Follow (@CoolMom. Followback. Likeforlikes.)
“Wow Regina, you have such a hashtag cool mom!”

Regina: I just can’t.
“A mythical creature that keeps forgetting to air-dry my jeans.”

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