Melissa Errico: From Here to Maternity and Back Again

PlayBlog   Melissa Errico: From Here to Maternity and Back Again
The true greenhorn among the White Christmas troupers who've taken over the Marquis again this year (through Jan. 3) is Melissa Errico, who, in the Rosemary Clooney slot, makes her first Broadway appearance since 2004's Dracula: The Musical. Motherhood, it seems, got happily in the way.

"It's a real balancing act for me, mentally," she admitted. "I have ten-month twins at home, I drop one kid off at pre-school, so I have a lot going on in a whole picture. But to actually be in a play again, to be back in the rehearsal room, feels good to me."

She's using this limited 64-performance run as sort of "trainer wheels" to negotiate any future conflicts that come up between professional and domestic commitments.

"I've been invited by [director-designer] Tony Walton to do Candida at the Irish Rep, and I would very much like to do that. I want to see how it feels not putting the babies to bed every night. Children are a lot about bedtime. And so, to not be able to go home when they're this little — I want to see how all this feels.

"This is my training to see what I can, in my heart, bear to do. I love theatre, and I will keep doing it, if I'm blessed enough to still be wanted, but I have to take stock of that because being mother, right now, is my most important role."

Errico shared more thoughts on her return to the stage, and her role as mom, with Andrew Gans for his Nov. 27 Diva Talk column.

—Harry Haun

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