Michael Moore Updated The Terms of My Surrender Onstage This Week

Broadway News   Michael Moore Updated The Terms of My Surrender Onstage This Week
In addition to his after-show protest at Trump Tower, Moore added to his onstage story this week.

In Michael Moore’s The Terms of My Surrender, Moore declares from the stage of Broadway’s Belasco Theatre each night that his show includes a 12-step program to deal with the Trump presidency. This week he bumped it up to 13. In his words: “We have to sober the f*** up.”

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Moore wants his audience to stop believing that something Trump does will lead to his impeachment. “Every time something happens,” he began telling Seth Meyers on Late Night, “every month you’re drinking from a new—‘James Comey that’s the end of him,’ ‘Russia that’s gonna be the end of him,’ this week ‘the press conference the CEOs deserted him.’ He’s not going anywhere. The Republicans are not going to impeach him.”

As Moore preaches in his show, the only way to accomplish this is for the Democrats to win back the House—an attainable goal by Moore’s measures.

The Terms of My Surrender not only protests Trump’s presidency, it urges audience members to make small changes to affect big changes— to vote, to run for office.

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Always walking the walk, Moore loaded his Wednesday night audience on a bus to Trump Tower to protest after the performance. He and his audience were joined by actors Olivia Wilde, Marisa Tomei, Mark Ruffalo, and others.


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