Midori & Friends Reaches Agreement With Striking Teachers

Classic Arts News   Midori & Friends Reaches Agreement With Striking Teachers
The non-profit music-education group Midori & Friends has reached a labor agreement with its teachers, ending a two-and-a-half-month strike.

The teachers, freelance musicians who visit New York public schools on behalf of the organization, voted to strike in January. At the time, they complained that their starting pay had remained stagnant for the last seven years, and that Midori & Friends refused to contribute to the pension funds of new teachers.

Details of the agreement were not disclosed.

"I am deeply gratified that Midori & Friends can now return to the business of bringing music into the lives of New York City school children," said Judi Linden, the executive director of the organization. "A situation like this is always challenging for everyone concerned, but with the leadership of our board, I believe we have arrived at a resolution acceptable to all parties, and we can now get back to serving our children."

In a statement issued through Midori & Friends, Maria Diaz, the principal of P.S. 72 in East Harlem, said, "Midori & Friends' programs have become a lifeline for the children in our school. They will be ecstatic to have music back in their school day."

Founded by the violinist Midori in 1992, Midori & Friends sends teachers into New York schools for live performances and instrumental instruction. Twenty-three schools, and a total of about 7,500 students, participated in the program last year.

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