Morton, Cuccioli, Saltzberg, Von Essen and More to Cameo in Theatre Web Sitcom "Breaking In"

News   Morton, Cuccioli, Saltzberg, Von Essen and More to Cameo in Theatre Web Sitcom "Breaking In"
Theatre actors Euan Morton, Robert Cuccioli, Sarah Saltzberg, Max von Essen, Rodney Hick and Barbara Rosenblat will make cameos in episodes two and three of the theatre-themed web sitcom "Breaking In."

The sitcom — about struggling actors putting up a stage show — comes out with new episodes every month. Episode two will premiere on May 6, and episode three will premiere June 3. On the day of their premieres the episodes will be screened at New World Stages at 9 PM.

The first episode premiered April 1, also with a screening at New World Stages.

After their premiere date, the episodes are available free at YouTube, Google Video or iTunes, and through the show's website at

The sitcom is executive produced and created by Ryan J. Davis (director-conceiver of New York Musical Theatre Festival show White Noise) and is written and executive produced by Joe Drymala (book, music and lyrics for White Noise). Eric Svejcar (composer of Caligula) serves as executive producer and music supervisor. Jeffery Self, Justin Thomas and Alex Jensen all serve as producers.

The show stars Brandon Bales as the wannabe director Michael, Justin Lamb as Michael's writer-collaborator Chris, Jeff Hiller as the goofy struggling actor Tommy, Tracee Chimo as the obsessive stage manager Virginia and Lindsay Wolf as the female lead. Seth Bisen-Hersh, a FringeNYC Audience Award Winner for his Meaningless Sex (2003) and The Spickner Spin (2004), composed and performs the show's theme song.

According to press notes, "Breaking In" "is about the shows you'd rather forget and the people you should avoid at all costs, the ones who will put you up in front of an audience under fluorescent lighting singing church-basement music after you've been sexually harassed in the wings. It's about the theatre world not as we'd like it to be, but as it is."

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