Mother and Son Actors Share the Stage With Leading Roles in Wicked

Special Features   Mother and Son Actors Share the Stage With Leading Roles in Wicked
Audiences who attended the Dec. 17 performance of the national tour of the hit Stephen Schwartz-Winnie Holzman musical Wicked in Cleveland, OH, were treated to an on-stage family reunion.

Jonathan Shew and Jane Brockman
Jonathan Shew and Jane Brockman

Mother and son cast members Jane Brockman and Jonathan Shew have been on a one-of-a-kind journey this past year, traveling the country in the Munchkinland tour of Wicked. Brockman hit the road in May 2012, while Shew followed, joining her on the tour this past September.

They previously documented their adventures on the road with Wicked in this photo diary for

Brockman, who plays the midwife and understudies the role of Madame Morrible, and Shew, who along with performing in the ensemble covers the role of Fiyero, shared a special moment Dec. 17 when they found out they were both going on for the 8 PM performance of Wicked.

Though both Brockman and Shew have played Morrible and Fiyero during separate performances, it would be the first time the mother and son would take the stage as two of Wicked's magical leading characters together.

"I was so excited that I was getting the chance to go on again!," said Shew, who received the call that he would play Fiyero around 3 PM. "I had no clue she was going on as well." "I got the call at 5 PM," Brockman recalled. "They told me Jonathan would be on as well, so I texted him that I heard he was on. He said, 'How did you know?' And I said, 'Cause I am on with you!'"

After back-and-forth texts of disbelief and excitement, and numerous pre-show wishes from the cast and the crew, Brockman and Shew took the stage together.

At the top of the second act Morrible and Fiyero share the stage during Glinda's coronation in "Thank Goodness." "Honestly, I had to really concentrate and not beam with pride when I said Morrible's line, 'And for your handsome swain,' regarding Fiyero!," Brockman recalled.

Luckily, several family members who live 90 minutes away from Cleveland were able to nab tickets at the last minute and catch the performance.

"It is just wonderful to get to go on," Shew said. "But the idea that we both get to go on together was more of a could-you-imagine-if? situation."

"It was exciting and fun, but mostly just a huge treat to experience working with my son on this level and experiencing him as a terrific performer," Brockman added.

The Munchkinland tour of Wicked plays Cleveland's State Theatre through Jan. 5, 2014. Upcoming tour stops include Buffalo, Memphis and Austin.

The Wicked tour cast currently features Jennifer DiNoia as Elphaba, Hayley Podschun as Glinda, Kathy Fitzgerald as Madame Morrible, Walker Jones as The Wizard and David Nathan Perlow as Fiyero.


PHOTO EXCLUSIVE: On The Road With Mother-and-Son Wicked Cast Members Jane Brockman and Jonathan Shew

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