Mullally Talks Karen: The Musical and Lips Together

PlayBlog   Mullally Talks Karen: The Musical and Lips Together
Actress Megan Mullally, who departed the now-cancelled Roundabout Theatre Company revival of Lips Together Teeth Apart, spoke about her involvement in the production and her upcoming musical project, in a new interview with The Advocate.

When asked about her much-publicized exit from Broadway's Lips Together, Mullally responded: "Yeah, someday the story will come out. But I think you and I both know that I am not a diva. It’s sweet of you to ask me about it, but at this point it’s not a big deal. Let’s wait until it all comes out organically, you know what I mean?"

An Emmy winner for "Will & Grace," Mullally also shared some details of her upcoming stage project Karen: The Musical, based on her acid-tongued performance as the boozy Karen Walker on the NBC series. Mullally reveals that the production will launch in Los Angeles and will be a touring show with Leslie Jordan (Off-Broadway's My Trip Down the Pink Carpet) co-starring. Jordan appeared on "Will & Grace" as Karen's rival, Beverley Leslie.

"We’ve got a producer, a composer, and a director, so now we’re just looking for the perfect people to write the book," Mullally told The Advocate. "It’s going to be a big throwdown between Karen Walker and Beverley Leslie, so I think Leslie Jordan and I are going to have a lot of fun together. And because it’s a touring show, we can take it anywhere 'Will & Grace' is popular, which is kind of everywhere."

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