Music Alive Announces Orchestral Residencies for Composers

Classic Arts News   Music Alive Announces Orchestral Residencies for Composers
Music Alive, a program that pairs composers with orchestras for residencies ranging from two weeks to three years, has announced its 2006 selections.

The program is a joint effort of the new-music organization Meet the Composer and the American Symphony Orchestra League.

Some of the most prominent young composers in the United States will participate starting next year. Jennifer Higdon and Daniel Kellogg will both spend three years working with the Green Bay (Wisconsin) Symphony Orchestra; Chen Yi has been paired with the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra for three years.

Those chosen for short-term residencies include Roberto Sierra, who will work with the Puerto Rico Symphony, and David Lang, who will collaborate with the Deleware Symphony.

A complete list of the residencies follows.

American Composers Orchestra
Derek Bermel (3 years)

Boston Modern Orchestra Project
Lisa Bielawa (3 years)

Green Bay Symphony Orchestra
Jennifer Higdon, Daniel Kellogg, Philip Rothman (3 years)

St. Paul Chamber Orchestra
Chen Yi, Lee Hyla, Fred Lerdahl (3 years)

Vermont Symphony Orchestra
David Ludwig (3 years)

Westfield Symphony Orchestra
Zhou Long (1 year)

Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
Michael Gandolfi (3 weeks)

Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra
Charles Coleman (5 weeks)

Delaware Symphony Orchestra
David Lang (2 weeks)

Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra
Eric Ewazen (2 weeks)

Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra
Jeffrey Mumford (2 weeks)

Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra
Roberto Sierra (2 weeks)

Stockton Symphony
Chris Brubeck (5 weeks)

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