Music Man Alex Lacamoire Discusses the "Easter Eggs" in the Hamilton Score

News   Music Man Alex Lacamoire Discusses the "Easter Eggs" in the Hamilton Score
In an interview originally posted on Salon, Hamilton's Alex Lacamoire discussed some hidden treasures in the score to the hip-hop musical.

Lacamoire serves as conductor, orchestrator, co-arranger and keyboardist for Hamilton.  When asked about hidden Easter eggs in the score, Lacamoire explained, "There’s a moment in 'My Shot' where Lin quotes a Mobb Deep song, so as you hear the lyric 'I’m only 19 but my mind is older,' there’s a rising line from 'Shook Ones Part II' that we wound up putting on the strings as an homage. So the violins do this little smeary thing under that lyric. 'You’ll Be Back' has a bunch of Beatles references in the orchestration, with nods to 'Mr. Kite,' 'Getting Better,' and 'Penny Lane.' 'Right Hand Man' has a 'hip-hop horse': a horse whinny sample that was chopped and screwed to make it sound more like a DJ scratching. And 'Burn' has a little harp moment that represents Icarus to highlight the lyric, 'You’ve married an Icarus.' It’s an upward phrase, that then falls quickly downward to evoke his plummet."

Lacamoire previously worked with Hamilton co-star/creator Lin-Manuel Miranda on In The Heights and Bring It On: The Musical. On Broadway he has been involved with Avenue Q, Wicked, High Fidelity, Legally Blonde, 9 to 5, The People in the Picture and Annie. He also worked with "The Roots."

To read his full interview, click here.

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