Muti's Wife Hints He Might Resign

Classic Arts News   Muti's Wife Hints He Might Resign
Riccardo Muti's wife said in an interview that Muti might resign from his post as music director of Milan's Teatro all Scala, the Associated Press reports.

In an interview with the Italian edition of Vanity Fair published today, Cristina Mazzavillani said, "I don't even know if he still wants to work.... We have been helpless in a situation that we did not want and that has slipped from our hands."

Musicians at La Scala have been calling for Muti's resignation since the middle of March, after a no-confidence vote from the majority of the orchestra.

The vote was the result of a dispute that began when La Scala governors fired general manager Carlo Fontana. Muti had a difficult relationship with Fontana, and was critical of how he ran the company. Because Fontana was replaced with Mauro Meli, whom Muti had favored for the position, it was felt that the music director had imposed his will on the administration of the theater.

The theater's workers went on strike after Fontana's firing, and threatened to stay on strike for every subsequent premiere until Fontana was rehired.

Rumors that Muti had already resigned—even before the musicians' vote—were denied by La Scala.

Now, Mazzavillani told Vanity Fair, Muti might go "abroad or to another Italian city, who knows."

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